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Truck Service

We're sick of it too... being put on hold for an hour just to be told by some kid he doesn't think they can fix it. Or showing up to pick up your vehicle and it costs 3 times more than they said it would on the phone. Or our personal favorite: they didn't actually fix the problem and they won't stand behind their work. It's like we entered the 21st century with all this great knowledge but suddenly, no one gives a care.

Times have changed. HOWEVER, even though Ray's Truck Service & RV is now one of Spokane's largest truck & RV repair shops, and even though we now serve thousands of customers each year, we will continue to operate as the same family-owned repair shop Grandpa Ray started in his Spokane Valley garage in 1939.

Can we fix your electrical problem? Yeah, we can fix that!  Your generator? Yeah, we can fix that! Brakes? Engine noise? Welding? Alignment? Service? Make sure it's safe for my daughter tp drive to California? YEAH! WE CAN FIX THAT!

And yes, it matters to us that our technicians know what they're doing. It matters to us that our customers don't have to worry about their repairs or their estimates. Why does it matter? Well, partly because some of the customers we have today started coming to Ray's Truck Service & RV when Grandpa Ray owned it! And, just like back then, we still pride ourselves in treating people -- to literally quote one of our recent customers -- "right and fair". 

We think more businesses should.



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